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8 little steps of happiness

If I said that even in the middle of those low moments we can do little steps to help us feel happier and better still, we already have this within our power. Would you believe me? Okay, then read on!

So here goes;

1. Gratitude for what we have have. The benefits of practicing gratitude is boundless. When we practice gratitude we reflect upon things that we are thankful for and in doing this we experience positive emotions, kindness and compassion. We can practice gratitude by keeping a journal to note down and reflect on at least 3 positive experiences that have happened that day or simply 3 things that make you happy and grateful.

2. Connection with others improves physical health and psychological well-being. Make sure to connect with those that we currently share space with. A shared meal together and fun games helps us connect and strengthen bonds. Ensure regular phone and video phone catch up sessions with friends. Now is a great time to contact those people that we care about but never seem to have the time to call.

3. Exercise is fantastic for our mental health. An hour walk or cycle releases endorphins which are fantastic for our mental health and general wellbeing. We don't even need to go to a park, from the moment we leave our front door a walk around our neighbourhood is a great way to connect with where we live. If you are unable to leave the house there are so many online exercise classes to try for free. Now is a great time to get moving.

4. Try something new! No groaning here, but seriously trying something new can be fun and a great way to keep our brain engaged. There are so many things to try which we can find on the internet from learning new recipes to knitting, perhaps a new language. Many of us have received Christmas gifts that we have never even tried, now might be that time to have a go at that 1000 piece jigsaw. Okay I'll move on!

5. Simplify our home and clear out the clutter. Clearing clutter has so many positive benefits. Not only lowering stress levels, but it also clears the mind. Plus the added benefit is its great exercise and gives us more energy from the fantastic feeling of having a tidier home.

6. Reframing our day. When we think of something that has happened that day we can choose how we think about it. We can choose to look at the positive that has come from this experience and by doing this we take power from the situation. When were feeling low it is understandable to reflect on what we don't have in our life, or have lost. However we can choose to focus on what we have learned or gained from an experience, this gives us the power. Reframing takes practice however when we see positives we also take control.

7. Think about our goals. Now is a great time to think about what we would like our life to look like in a year from now. It's in a period of reflection that we allow ourselves breathing space to evaluate and make plans. When we are engaged in our life and have plans then we are at 'cause' of our life rather than at 'effect' of. Being at cause is empowering and ensures that we get more from our life.

8. Be kind to ourselves! Make time for 'us' each day, even if it's 10 minutes! If we can read that book, or soak in the bath then the benefits of allowing ourselves time, is huge. Or just maybe this is the best time to write our happiness and grateful moments in our journal.

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