I believe that an authentic life is achieved by being true to who you are, and by living in accordance with your goals and values.


It is a privilege as a Coach to support my clients and witness their transformation. Empowering them to gain an understanding of themselves and the effect their thoughts and behaviour have over their actions and results. Working together we implement a plan and a strategy to move their life forward. 

I have learned that creating healthy balance in your life is such an important thing. Previously, I was a senior professional working in a corporate environment. Over time my work-life balance became out of alignment and I was increasingly feeling disconnected and overwhelmed.  It was by re-evaluating that I came to the conclusion that my life was no longer serving me in the way that I wanted. By making that decision my world shifted for the better.   


I live in a village in the beautiful County of Hampshire. In my down time I love hiking in the countryside where I am totally at one with nature. I love to travel and have worked internationally including the United States.  I volunteer with a Bereavement Charity, which is my way of showing gratitude.   

In my capacity as a Coach I have successfully worked with clients from all over the world, creating meaningful conversations and opportunities for my clients to experience deep positive change in their lives as I experienced in my own.  


My Coaching Accreditation; - 

  •        Certified NLP Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) 

  •        Certified NLP Coach (ABNLP)

  •        Certified Life Coach (IAPCM) 

  •        Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ (TLTA)

  •        Practitioner of Hypnosis (ABH) 

  •        Counselling Certification (NCFE)         



Located in the South East of England for in person Appointments or via Skype and Zoom for National and International Appointments  

Email: Info@lisaburdett.co.uk

Tel:      07785 350857

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