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What my clients say about my Coaching and Counselling services

"I initially contacted Lisa at a very low point in my life. I felt lost & a bit 'stuck'. With Lisa's guidance I started to focus on myself & was able to plan goals for my future, just for me. I'm still a 'work in progress' however I have found a renewed sense of confidence & purpose in my life. To say that Lisa has been helpful would be a massive understatement. Her warmth, sense of humour, empathy & ability to REALLY hear me have had an amazing impact on my life. I am proud to know Lisa & I look forward to continuing my life journey with her support. "
S.Viviani - HR Manager

"I have worked with Lisa - she quickly overcame my blockages and helped me find a way forward. I was amazed how quickly she changed my thinking and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to boost their success."
P. Day, Bury St Edmunds

"Lisa really is a transformational coach. Lisa has made such a positive impact on my life. My experience with Lisa has changed so many things including the bad habit of eating chocolate I had, I now do not look at chocolate the same way. I now have control back in my life. If you are considering working with Lisa I would defiantly say go for it, she has a lovely nature and is a positive person to be around."
J. Newton, Cwmbran

"I worked intensively with Lisa and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their lives. Lisa has this warm and very gentle approach. She was able to use different techniques from NLP and Hypnotherapy where I needed. After sessions with Lisa, I felt more confident and know that I can change my old habits for good.  I’m definitely going to come back to Lisa in the future!"

M. Roberts, Cardiff

"I have had Lisa as my coach over 6 weeks. The benefit I got from my weekly coaching sessions were enormously beneficial, and over that time I felt I grew so much in confidence, especially in Lisa helping me to believe in my own abilities and skills. I really looked forward to our calls as Lisa has such a warm and friendly persona. Over the weeks she helped me work out for myself what I needed to focus on each week to help direct me in my new business ideas and get over fears that can hold me back. She also gave me homework tasks each week, all helping me particularly towards getting me over my fears and toward changing my self-limiting beliefs into ‘Beliefs'. This was a beneficial experience and I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough in her coaching. "

Lizzie, Northern Ireland

"I have had coaching sessions with Lisa for the last 6 weeks. She is so easy to talk to and I have found that I have opened up in my sessions like I would to no-one else. My self esteem has improved leaps and bounds. We have worked to set in place future plans for me around my health, I really cannot recommend her enough."

Sue,  Romsey

"Lisa helped me to navigate several clear paths, removing the weeds from the previously congested thicket that occupied my mind. As a life coach she has seemingly boundless patience, taking time to assess myriad of areas that I wished to focus on without ever seeming tempted to gloss over any one of them.  I can't thank you enough for the direction and focus you have allowed me to channel regarding my future aspirations."

Dom, Isle of Wight

"I went to see Lisa with low self esteem due to my weight. As we worked together Lisa enabled me to see that it wasn’t my weight that was an issue, it was the emotional weight I was carrying around. Working with Lisa has given me my self worth back and my confidence. I am now in a much better place and feel healthy and vibrant which is reflected in the choices I make. Thank you Lisa!"
Elizabeth, Cornwall

"You are an amazing life coach!  You really make the person drill down to get to the “issue” or stumbling blocks! Thank you."

K, Romsey

"Lisa Burdett has been crucial in my recent journey, helping me to complete work that I was in danger of giving up on. She encouraged me to create a new realistic deadline to work towards and reminded me of how important being in integrity is to me.


Lisa is a most compassionate listener which is essential in a good coach. She has many skills and tools that make a session with her most enjoyable and interesting. She is very focused but has a gentleness about her and is clearly very passionate about what she does.  I highly recommend Lisa and have done so to others, already!"

JK , Belfast  

"Having had some life coaching sessions with Lisa I cannot recommend her highly enough, I felt completely at ease talking about the struggle’s life can often throw at us. Lisa gave me areas to work on and the focus and confidence I needed to implement change. My life is back on track and the future is looking more positive with thanks to Lisa."

S, Hampshire

"Lisa is a wonderful listener. Her energy and positivity are infectious. Lisa has a natural gift for helping people to move forward in their lives. Lisa helped me to organise thoughts in my mind and enabled me to see what was important (and what wasn’t!) I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

R, Romsey

I just completed an amazing coaching call with Lisa! She has a very warm spirit which made it very easy to be transparent with her during our conversation. She asked probing questions and caused me to look at a situation I’d been struggling with in a new light. Now, I have a clear plan for my next steps and I am excited to see the success unfold. Schedule a call with Lisa! You will love the experience!"

Ashlee Record, Chicago 

"I had a coaching session with Lisa yesterday and I cannot recommend her enough. Lisa's encouraging, positive attitude made our session really enjoyable. Lisa's questions really made me think about what I am saying to myself and how much I am really holding myself back in life. Lisa is an excellent coach, if you're looking for clarity or direction in your life book a session with her! Thanks again Lisa."

E. McConnell, Ireland

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