Helping you Understand & Believe in Yourself! 

Are you feeling stuck and unsure of the next step?....

Perhaps you've lost touch with the essence of you. Does this sound like you? Then now is the time to decide that you are important, you have a voice and things can change. Working together we will get you free to live a life that excites you! 

A little about me;

Hello I'm Lisa and I am a certified Coach, NLP Practitioner, business owner, partner and friend. Let me reassure you that you are not alone. I've been where you are and so have the many clients that I've been honoured to work with. I'm passionate about helping people gain clarity to move their lives forward into an exciting future, and I would like to do the same for you.

When you Understand and Believe in yourself, you are Empowered to forge a path that is true to you!


Working together?

I offer Individual coaching sessions or indeed I offer my coaching programme Essence of You!  Whichever is right for you. I will be right there, offering support, encouragement and just the right side of accountability. 

Who is coaching for?

Its simple, it's for you! I work with people who feel lost about who they are. Yearning to feel confident and empowered with a clear sense of self. People that work with me find that they go into their future with positivity and direction.  Just some of the ways that Coaching can help;


Tackling overwhelm




Making difficult decisions



Becoming more self reliant

Learning about yourself

Identifying negative patterns


What can you expect to achieve?
We will look at areas of your life that are simply not serving you and indeed have been blocking progression. The result of which will leave you empowered to make conscious and exciting choices going into your future. You will experience a whole new level of understanding about yourself. Bringing meaning, confidence and the greatest clarity.  

I offer a free and confidential consultation, with no obligation on you. Complete the contact form, and lets talk!


gain confidence in yourself and your decisions? 

remove self doubt and take control?

bring your life in step with your values? 


What do others say? ...

Lisa's approach is warm and supportive and yet she was able to get to the heart of the issues that I had been conveniently hiding behind for years! Its amazing what we tell ourselves in order to get through the day. Thank you Lisa, life is so much clearer on the other side!

C.Bell - Project Manager

I always thought it very indulgent to go and see a 'life Coach' what I soon realised is that sometimes in order for us to be better mums and partners we have to start with ourselves first.  A very valuable experience all round. 

P. Snell - Retired

What can I say, overall a very positive experience and very enlightening for me. Thank you very much!

M.Tucker - Sales 

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