• Lisa Burdett Life Coach

How to Change your Emotional State of Mind Immediately. I love this idea!

From Old to New is something you can do in order to change your emotional state immediately. Complete the table as it resonates with you. This simple idea is that you take a piece of paper and note down two columns. Write down any negative emotions that you are feeling in the column on the left and then in the opposite column write down the exact reverse emotion to that. So the opposite of Procrastination is Action!

This helps to move us from where we are right now to where we want to be. The powerful aspect of this is that it applies not only to our emotions, but also to the logic of our situation. To really capitalize on this exercise immerse yourself in the moment. Allow yourself to close your eyes and see the image of YOU carrying out the new positive emotion or action. Notice how your feeling.

You see when we change how we look at things, then things change!

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